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Individual versus Collective Trance States

Individual versus Collective Trance States Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, I greet you at the dawn of another new month. As October unfolds before you, may you feel secure in your spiritual growth and actualize the reality of this quickly passing year of light. As you awaken each morning, give thanks for the opportunities that will arise in the course of the day. Recognize that you have come from love; therefore the spiritual task before you is to fill each day with love. From beginning to end, may each passing day open to opportunities that allow you to become the love that begat you and to which you will ultimately return.

In our previous month’s lesson, we grappled with some of the heavy energies and events of the early Piscean Age, all of which imprinted mightily on human consciousness throughout the age. Of course, war certainly did not begin in the Piscean Age or with the advent of the Crusades. Archaeologists have found evidence of aggression and killing as far back as the Paleolithic Age, and this does not address the wars of either the Lemurian or Atlantean Ages. While human strife, conflict, and war are neither pleasant nor inspiring topics, if the Aquarian Age is to transcend the pitfalls of prior ages, conscious intention born of awakened knowledge must be brought forward and well applied by the Aquarian citizenry.

Humanity’s Thirst for War