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Healing Body Shame through Loving Touch

Healing Body Shame through Loving Touch Mary Magdalene through Mercedes Kirkel

I am reading Mary Magdalene Beckons and I just finished the message “Loving Your Body, Sexuality, and Emotions.”1 In that message, Mary talks about loving your body and touching your body with love. I want to know about those who actually struggle with this, who find such things to be physically uncomfortable. Many people have Asperger’s syndrome and are sensitive to physical touch. I am a virgin, and the mere thought of sexual intercourse or putting anything inside of me is enough to make me almost vomit. Is Mary saying I’m supposed to just keep trying?

Hello, dear one. I thank you for your question. This is an important clarification you are requesting, and I will do my best to help you. In the message you are referring to, I was talking about healing shame relative to one’s body. This is a pervasive problem for many people at this time. It’s actually a spiritual problem, though many people don’t recognize it as such, because carrying shame relative to one’s body is an obstacle to loving oneself. And loving oneself is essential for growing into the place where you live from your heart.

Loving oneself means that you see yourself as a beautiful being. In fact, you are a beautiful being. Everyone is, because everyone is a manifestation of God in her or his own unique way. Just as every flower is beautiful in its own unique way, so it is with all beings.