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Explore the Causal Layer

Explore the Causal Layer All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

This message from Source is about extending outside of your self. At any given point in a day, if we desire, you and I are able to go to a higher-vibrational spiritual level. We can do this every day, and it will lift our vibration and change our lives. An important part of remembering who we are is knowing about the layers of our auras and what they are capable of.

Source desires for all to be able to obtain and maintain a higher level of consciousness, and some of the information they provide us with involves great details and explanations; some does not. Please keep this is mind. Always remember, they will never tell us anything that will harm others or us. We may not like what we are being told, or even understand it, but that does not matter, because to seekers, the understanding always comes — often when we least expect it. Remember, we are in the process of extreme cosmic harmonic and universal metamorphosis on our journey back to ourselves.

The Causal Layer Extends
Outside the Physical