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Develop Your Relationship with Nature

Develop Your Relationship with Nature Planta through Laura Pieratt

We will call ourselves Planta, for we are nature speaking. We will begin by saying that we are large in spirit. Many of you think size is a matter of source, power, and function, but we are here to remind you that size has little to do with the energy of Source that is contained in a vessel. Why is this important? It is time for you to realize that the smallest may be the greatest! You can stop seeing yourself as greater than another or too small and ineffective, depending on your view of yourself. The tiniest seed, hummingbird, insect, or atom can express exquisiteness and witness the same. There is no separation in the world of nature. When you come to the minutest levels of Source, you will find the whole. Perhaps you can begin to see nature this way and then see yourself as nature too.

Yes, beloveds, you are one with all life! It exists all around you, and while it appears separate to you, it is not. You are in relationship with all life, whether you notice that truth and live accordingly or not. Nature is everything you see: the planet and all upon it, including your wonderful selves. You radiate light. You shine, beloveds! When will you be able to see and know and embrace this truth with joy? We daresay very soon! The light is penetrating you every day, and just as it flows through nature, giving life, health, and vitality, so it flows through you giving the same.

Why is it you perceive yourself as separate from nature? How do you think life works? Do you think your cells work independently of your whole self? No, it could never be! So why is it so difficult to imagine you are part of a larger body of life that functions in harmony and synergy with itself? Life thrives when all parts are aligned within the whole and serve the whole as one. But just as your cells can become distorted from the whole and when that happens there is dis-ease, so disease leads to death in nature. Clearly it is a natural and essential process for all life forms in this plane, for it allows renewal. But death is not a necessary precursor for renewal, as all know who have witnessed a plant revive when its needs are met after a period of drought. So now, after a long drought, it is time for your needs to be met — those that may yet even be beyond your realization.