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The Chrysalis of Planet Earth

The Chrysalis of Planet Earth The Arcturians through Abby Isadora Haydon

We have spoken to you of the many changes that are taking place within the physiology of the physical form that you now inhabit on this planet. As many of you have already sensed and experienced, your bodies are going through a great transformation. The greatest changes will be coming to those who have not yet been birthed on this planet.

Those who are over the age of forty will have one type of experience. Folks who are between the ages of twenty-five and forty will experience other types of changes. Those who are under the age of twenty-five will experience yet another kind of alteration.

As we have discussed before, there will be changes in the endocrine system of the body. This system is responsible for regulating many aspects of the physical form through hormones. Subtle changes are already taking place in different systems of the physical form. People at these different stages of physical life will begin to have different types of experiences. The modifications that we are about to discuss are primarily the changes that are coming about through the different hormones. As we have stated before, the reproductive system will begin to receive greater stimulation. For those who are older, this will translate into greater energy and interest in experiencing life. It will affect areas of life that do not relate to reproduction but will bring to these people greater vitality and interest in all aspects of life.