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Awaken to Your Divine Nature

Awaken to Your Divine Nature Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I am Gaia, and my love extends to all who walk this earth — indeed, to all beings, those seen and unseen by human eyes. Do you know that your perceptions are but a drop in a vast ocean of consciousness that shapes creation? Do you not sense that there is much more to life than what you currently perceive from the perspective of a human being? Do you not know that the love you feel in your most tender moments is only a glimpse of the grandeur that shapes the universe? Do you not sense, dear ones, that when you feel these wave essences of unconditional love that you are feeling the spark of the Creator that dwells deep within each of your hearts?

Sometimes you believe that because you are awakening you are perhaps better than those who still choose to remain and act from a less-enlightened perspective. Sometimes you set yourself up with the belief that you are more loved or somehow special because you believe that you are more enlightened than another human being. Do you not understand that this tendency to see yourself as superior to others is at the very root of the duality with its wars and deceptions and those many elements that have plagued humanity for centuries? Do you not realize that when you set yourself apart as better than any other human being, you are playing the game of duality?

As I have said before, divine love is not a hierarchy, especially as humans tend to construct reality. The Creator’s love truly is unconditional, and it truly esteems all as loved and honored and valued without measure. If you want to raise consciousness, it is important for humanity to learn to see the others as no less and no greater than one’s self. Why have your cultures created systems that have placed groups of people into the status of “less than enough” or as inherently being unworthy of the best that life has to offer? Why, as enlightened beings, do you continue to see some groups of people as less deserving of love simply because they are not popular in your human culture?