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All About Shimmering

All About Shimmering Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

Greetings. I am Juliano, and we are the Arcturians. In this lesson, we will be looking more closely at the spiritual practice known as shimmering. We will study how shimmering is related to personal and planetary ascension, and I will give special instructions and explanations of how shimmering works to set up a protective energy field around your aura.

Shimmering is one of the main spiritual technologies for the ascension, and it can be defined as the rapid acceleration or rapid increase of your aura and its pulse. The aura, or your energy field, has a pulse. This pulse can be compared to the pulse in your circulatory system in some ways, but there are also major differences.

In the human circulatory system, if the pulse becomes too high and too rapid, then you can get into serious cardiac problems and even have a heart attack. There is a range of the human pulse that is optimal for your physical health. The aura has a pulse also, but unlike the physical pulse, the auric pulse is able to function at very high frequencies. In fact, the higher the frequency, or pulsing, of the aura, the greater your spiritual awareness and spiritual energy become. With an increase in the pulse of your aura, you will also experience an increase in your spiritual abilities. Ultimately, in order to ascend, your aura and its pulse must be at a higher rate and higher vibration.