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Your Path Is Becoming Clearer

Your Path Is Becoming Clearer Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. We often give vision and perception regarding matters that are cosmic or higher in purpose. These are important things, but there is often an equal amount of concern by the individual human regarding things that might be considered of a more personal concern. It is in this energy that we offer the opportunity for questions after the channelings are concluded.

In the answers to the questions posed, there are often many principles to ponder. Let us now consider two specific topics that arise. The answers are specific to an individual's inquiry, but we also wish to give a more global vision. In this way, we witness how small actions create larger outcomes in the same way that atoms and molecules make up the Sun and planets.

Straying from the Path

Are there any times we actually stray from our chosen path? Do we take detours that we cannot observe from our position on Earth? Can we even get off our path?

The easiest answer we can offer is, yes, there are many detours that you can take, and yes, you can get off the path. We do in fact recommend such a course, especially in this day and age! But let us not remain with the easy answers and instead now delve deeper into the nature of the question.

This is a question that must be examined first before a deep answer can be supplied. At its heart, there is a long-held belief that a human possesses a single purpose or faces a single destiny. In its intention, we see the desire for validation of actions taken in life. Let us first cover the idea of single purpose.