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Your Being Needs the Sunlight

Your Being Needs the Sunlight All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

There are many sacred connections within and on your known and unknown universes. Therefore, we wish to give you more information about your personal and collective connections as well as connections to your Sun and the other suns that are near you and your Earth in proximity. Your Sun, along with the energetic powers of other suns, does more for your human body than you remember and understand at this time. With this being stated, we wish to further inform you about some of your deeper connections to your Sun and other suns that you may not be aware of.

Infusion from the Suns

Because your being is on planet Earth, your Sun is one of the vital elements in sustaining your life, as you understand life to be. And all of this is in accordance with the gadius (grand atomic divisions and increments of us, or the oneness increasing and all its developing components) universal atomic and subatomic blueprint, or plan. Your Sun is able to, through certain processes that proceed and originate from the solar flares that protrude from these bodies, bring about, facilitate, and enhance the ability for you to breathe.

Once the flares have been ejected from the surfaces of your Sun and other suns and traveled through time and space — as you understand those terms — the light and heat vibrations are able to convert the air that you breathe into its breathable form. Through a mixture of gases and atomic flow, this is possible. Of course, we know that this is mostly unbeknown to many of you. If the Sun's rays were not penetrating your atmosphere and morphing the air that you breathe, you would not be able to sustain life as you understand it to be. Each planet that holds respiratory-propelled life has its own process for filtering the air/spirit/us, which causes life to be on such planet. Furthermore, your Sun fuels the process of photosynthesis (and other processes we will not be addressing now), which provides a certain filtration to transform the air for your respiratory intake.