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You Experience Physical Changes as You Incorporate Your Spiritual Self

You Experience Physical Changes as You Incorporate Your Spiritual Self Arthur Fanning

All right, two things to start with: In old times — old times — the story [of Ezekiel] concerning the prophecy to the bones is related in your book that you term your Bible. Call the bones out of the earth from the word of your mouth (to the minerals) to form the bones and for the bones to be overlaid with sinew and tendons and muscle and flesh and skin. How you did it then without a body (didn't have a body, as you say) and that memory of how to do it is passed through the feminine structure — bones.

The fetus is born within the mother and pulls the knowledge from the mother's system to form a skeletal structure, which causes a memory of ancient times while still in the fetus, in the womb. Then the overlays start, and the memories are there as they unfold — the "how to do it" portion, pretty much, because it just happens, but there's a memory of knowing how you, personally, as a consciousness that's within the fetus now, formed the bones a long time ago. Remembering the forgetting portion is what is required now with the programming within the mother's womb, and that's why all the mothers are important in (what you term) your genetic line. It's not so much genetics (yet it is — that's the electrical circuitry); rather, it's the memory within the bones where they hold the holographic structure.

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Now, the bones are the wisdom, truly, of yourself. If you had no bones, you couldn't walk around — if you did not have a skeletal structure … if you did not have a skeletal structure. So the bones within you are your wisdom, your ancient wisdom. And the bones are called the entity named Wisdom — the female form, Wisdom. She is the bone. And within the bones, there's the marrow and the hollow spaces in the marrow. Between the marrow, there is a space there where blood is formed. That space is the entity, and the female entity within the space of your marrow is called Faith, your faith. You don't know how your blood is formed yet or how it's done — with what blessing, what requirements. None of that you know. Faith does; she does, and the one in your bone, she does. She and the bone, Faith and Wisdom, provide your temple — the structure, you call it; yet it's your temple.