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Wisdom of the Sacred Circle

Wisdom of the Sacred Circle Grandfathers Council of the Wisdom Keepers through Judith K. Moore

We speak to you, as we are the Wisdom Keepers. We speak to you from the lodge of visions. We speak to you of this truth, the truth of your being, and the truth of your life.

Restrictive Choices Provide a Narrow Path

You do not have to make a choice as to where to focus your energy. You do not have to choose to serve others or serve yourself. You may simply now be aware that you are the center and that you are the oneness. With this awareness comes peace. When people get confused, their minds tell them that they have to make choices and that those choices limit the future. The people then believe that those choices are limited by the choices of their relatives and their ancestors. In this way, people send their minds in only one direction, and that is a narrow path. It is a path that is very difficult, because that path tells you that every choice puts your energy in a direction of choice between good and evil, war and peace, vengeance and forgiveness, or right and wrong.

That path is very difficult, because by the nature of the flow of life and by the nature of the flow of everything that is, there are times in your journey when you move beyond a point of balance into a point of imbalance. That moment when you find yourself in a space of imbalance, you find that you have caused yourself pain and caused others pain and suffering. On the narrow path of right and wrong that we speak of, there are responsibilities that you must carry as burdens, which are the stones that you carry on your back called guilt, shame, and fear. This comes from thinking that your choice seals your destiny. It comes because of the way your relatives thought about good and evil or right and wrong. This comes from thinking that you are either right and are here in a place that is acceptable or that you are wrong and, through being wrong, you are condemned. It is the feeling of being wrong that takes people further out of balance, because inside their hearts, they lose the feeling, the knowledge, and the truth of the center of their existence. They no longer know that they are always in the flow of the universe.