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Welcome Imminent Change

Welcome Imminent Change Donna Taylor

October is a busy, old month — planetary wise — with two eclipses and Mercury retrograde, not to mention Mars moving into Capricorn and a variety of interesting alignments. So let's begin with the lunar eclipse on October 8. This eclipse is conjoined by Uranus and the south node, which are clear indications that we need to break from the past and move toward new ways of doing things. Exactly where we need to make these refreshing changes will depend on our charts and the clues in our Sun sign forecasts. In general, though, this is an eclipse of change and revelation.

Many of us will feel as if we're waking up as this eclipse illuminates not just the sky but our minds as well. And since it takes place in the sign of Aries, we could expect a little drama and plenty of action. Aries, though, is also about refreshing zest and new beginnings, so this adds to the Uranian energy, making this a time when we really do need to break our habits and patterns, embrace change, and release old, stagnant situations. Considering that Pluto squares this eclipse as well, there couldn't be a more definite message that we need to let go of the old and transform. We may not see our rebirth immediately: This could come later in the month when we have the solar eclipse in Scorpio, but for now it will be important to keep a log — or to at least be mindful of our thoughts, feelings, and occurrences — in the first two weeks of October.

Try to be aware of judgmental, restrictive, or fearful thoughts and reactions, and try to replace these with a more open-minded, fluid, and accepting state of mind. When we react to people and situations in a black-and-white fashion or think things should be a certain way, we become tight inside, like an overly stretched guitar string, making it impossible for us to sound our perfect note. Instead, we need to trust that all is happening as it should, that everything happens for a reason, and that we need to relax and enjoy ourselves a little more.