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The Threshold

The Threshold Ataoris through Gilly Wilmot

We wait on the threshold to enter or to remain on the threshold. This is a place where many find themselves: waiting on the threshold. They cannot go back, and they fear going forward. Such is the plight of many on Earth at this present time. There are those who have come over the years to hold out a hand to the many standing on the threshold, the many who do not wish to return to their old ways of life yet fear that the future may hold challenges they cannot deal with. There have always been those who have travelled deliberately to the Earth plane to enable the many who desire to move from the threshold to do so.

There is a difference between contentment on the threshold and a desire to move from that threshold. Some people on Earth are content to live their whole lives on the threshold. They would not consciously say they wished to return to their births or their childhoods, but they might consciously say they do not feel confident about moving from the place where they presently find themselves. What might lie beyond that threshold holds too much fear, too much trepidation for them, so they decide to deny that they are on the threshold. They deny that there is indeed something else to go to. There is then an element of self-delusion, shall we say. Here it seems safe enough, although of course we know that if we take a step in another direction, there will be consequences. So again, there is denial. They think to themselves, "Let us not even take that step, let us stand still, and let us put ourselves in the state of stasis, and perhaps something will come along. Something will improve this place where we stand neither wholly discontent nor content. We do not answer the momentum from within us that might push us to want to move our feet."

Thus over the years, many people have arrived at the threshold in their lives and felt that they have had enough. They do not particularly want to discover what lies beyond that threshold, so they move into the area of delusory thought. "This is where I am meant to be," they think. "I am not meant to go on beyond this place, so I shall attempt to be satisfied and stay where I am."