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Resolving Issues with Family

Resolving Issues with Family Mary Magdalene through Mercedes Kirkel

This is a personal message Mary gave to me. My father has been recovering from surgery, and I was feeling upset about not being included in some decisions that were made relative to his circumstances and care. [Editor's Note: We don't usually print anyone's personal information, but the guidance from Mary Magdalene to Ms. Kirkel is guidance that most people reading this can resonate with. We thank Ms. Kirkel for her courage in sharing this.]

Blessings, dear one, this is Mary Magdalene. You are disturbed about what is happening with your father, and you are questioning what you have done to create this disturbance, wondering what it is that you are not seeing, and considering how this current situation is what you require for your growth. These are all very valuable questions. I will do my best to support you with understanding your part in what is happening.

You are about to make a major life change by moving to a distant location. This kind of change affects everyone who has a relationship with you. And it also affects how you relate to those with whom you are connected. That is a great deal of what is happening.