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No More Right or Wrong

No More Right or Wrong The group through Steve Rother

Greetings from Home, dear ones. You are at a critical junction of time and space on planet Earth. You have moved very clearly from one dimension to the next, going through interdimensional realities as you do, and now you are grasping at the old straws. That is actually very normal for the advancement of humanity, at least in the ways that you have done this previously. We wish to speak of this today and share with you what is going on in your world.

Yes, we have already shared with you that much energy is being picked up from the planet; the tectonic plates are moving in such a way that there is considerable stress and strain on the planet herself. Previously, in lower existences of lower vibration, this was not a problem. Quite simply, you did not feel it before the way you are all feeling it now. You are all starting to feel this connection on a very, very deep level, and many are overreacting out of desperation. It feels as though you are going to lose the opportunity if you do not grasp this right now. Dear ones, we say to you — we mean the large you — that there are those among you who call yourselves lightworkers, for you are the masters of the light. Yes, you are the ones who have chosen to be here right now to make a huge difference on this planet. We will share some of the very simple ideas and tools that you can use to help all of humanity make this step to this next level on which you can anchor your whole energy very firmly and plainly.

Action and Reaction

All you need to do, dear ones, is look at us and see what it looks like from our side of the veil. Unless we are talking about humanity, we do not use the words "right or wrong," "good or bad," or "love or fear." The reality is that those do not exist, and as you have moved into this higher vibration, you have desperately grasped at the energy of these old ideas to try to feel comfortable, especially by trying to feel the energy from Mother Earth herself.