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Navigating Dual Realities

Navigating Dual Realities Lyssa Royal Holt

Every summer, I am blessed with the opportunity to offer a contact retreat near Mount Fuji, during which we experiment with various protocols to open ourselves to contact. Each year it is a delightful surprise to find out what lessons are in store for us and what experiences unfold during the weekend. Of all the work I do, the contact work is the most rewarding because it brings us closer to our true essence as a universal consciousness.

Pre-Workshop Energy Acceleration

From the first moment we stepped on the bus from Tokyo and began traveling through the mountain passes toward Fuji, the telltale signs of contact began. As we got closer to the disembarkation point at Fujiyoshida, we noticed the eerie mothership-shaped cloud that hovered in the sky and never moved (see images 1a and 1b). Contrary to what some may think, the appearance of these kinds of clouds doesn't always happen in this area, and it was a constant presence during the retreat.

Once we saw how the atmospheric environment was translating the ET energy already present for our contact retreat, we began taking photos. That is when our camera promptly began malfunctioning. It is known that electronic malfunctions are a common experience during contact retreats and field work, but it was starting early. It started the moment we began photographing the huge mothership-shaped cloud.