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The Missing Ingredient for Your Radiant Health

The Missing Ingredient for Your Radiant Health The Ancient One through Miriandra Rota

Greetings! I am an ancient one, and I come forth to speak with you on the topic of radiant health. Although there have been numerous talks on the topic of health and self-healing, there remains a missing ingredient, and it is the missing ingredient that leaves you without results, leaves you wondering whether you have done something incorrectly, or leaves you with the feeling that "this just doesn't work for me." There is nothing wrong with those feelings, of course. They do not speak of failure. Yet they do speak of the truth that there is a missing ingredient.

I come forth to deliver to you that missing ingredient. You don't need to deserve it. It is yours by your own divine right. Why now? You are able to hold within your consciousness the vibrational frequencies that are necessary for your direct and effective participation with your radiant health. Are you ready? Then let us continue!

Choosing Your Body's Manifestation

As you have resided on Earth, your journeys have given to you what are called histories, and it is within those histories that you have developed certain patterns and encodings that determine the manner in which your body manifests itself within physicality.

Just as you consciously choose whether to take an action, the patterns and encodings developed through your journeys also choose for you that manner of your body's manifestation. Though such choosing is not your conscious choice, it is a choice nonetheless.

The truth remains, however, that your body is continually forming and unforming within the best manner possible, the most perfect manner possible. This is the determinant according to your beliefs and those history-related patterns and encodings. The natural conclusion might then be that if you could discover or become conscious of those beliefs that inhibit the natural and perfect forming of your body physically, you would be able to experience not only health but more so, radiant health. In addition, you might conclude that if you could become conscious of those history-related patterns and encodings, you could do something to relieve them of their active participation within your body's forming. You would be correct in both conclusions.