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Manifesting Compassionate Wisdom

Manifesting Compassionate Wisdom Archangel Zadkiel through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Beloved ones, with a great and glorious hello, we welcome you and offer to you the divine blessing of all that is and all that has ever been. Moving forward, now is the moment to recognize that compassionate wisdom is the fluid energy pulsing through all of your tissues, all of your bones, and all that is coming forward.

Recognizing Compassionate Wisdom

While harnessing the presence of compassionate wisdom, it is important to recognize that you are at a time when there is a vast amount of information coming forward. It is the moment when all wisdom and information is abundant, is it not? It is the divine moment to pay attention to your own divine knowing and recognition as you ask yourself, "Why do I clutter my brain?"

If things feel constrictive and contradictory to you, then now is the moment to discover the contradiction. This is discovered as you uncover that your soul and heart are comfortable with one form of information while your brain is seeking to be comfortable with yet another. It is important to pay attention to this potential contradiction within, for this is the gift that is calling to you.