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Make Your Own Choices

Make Your Own Choices Rainbow Walker through Matthew Douglas

We have looked around this world from afar, obviously, but we also look with your perspective so that we can experience through you. However, we can't choose to listen for you, we can't choose to feel for you, and we can't choose to use your power. You are going through a life, and you have the choice to do all these things.

We see the different paths. We see the outcomes. We see your choices. Some of your choices are good; some are better than others, and some choices may be better next time, but we never judge and say, "Do it again."

Never think that you are not good enough, and never stop loving yourself, because you are unconditionally loved. No matter what you do in life and no matter how many mistakes you make in life, you are who you are. You are still loved. Nothing has changed, and nothing is different. You can always choose another path. You can always choose to do better in your life and in the lives of others.