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The Living Alphabet: Spiritual Direction

The Living Alphabet: Spiritual Direction Angeline Welk

As we move into an Aquarian expression of spirituality, we are encouraged to listen with awareness to the intelligence that is the directing power behind all change. The mystical letter associated with this holy intelligence is Rr.

When you are in the spiritual light of the letter Rr, you are inspired to pursue knowledge that is of a divine origin. This knowledge is of a very high frequency. You will be able to receive this celestial knowledge when you match the frequency of it with the atomic makeup of your body-mind temple.

With the help of the letter Rr, you will be able to decode the information and knowledge concealed within deeper strata of Earth, authentic scriptures, particular rock and crystal formations, sacred sites, and geological formations of the earth. In the many circumstances and situations that show up in your life experiences, the letter Rr assists you with its power to interpret and uncover the meaning of those events. This knowledge is a doorway for greater self-awareness and personal transformation.