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Let There Be Love

Let There Be Love Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Much of your month of October 2014 is about being open, receptive, and accepting of your soul heart's perfected vision — minus all the societal, cultural, and hereditary overlays placed on it. This is an opportunity to seek out your own inner truth and center vision — your soul heart's expression in its purest form — without all the cords, fears, limitations, expectations, grief, guilt, and greed heaped on it by yourself or others.

As the month of October opens, Venus sits conjunct with the super galactic center in early Libra, amplifying the heart energies from Source, the cosmos, and your star god/goddess origin. Be open, receptive, and accepting of the prosperity, abundance, and love that is yours now, and the ability to expand your understanding of the complete jewel of truth will be possible. This will open up new directions, inner knowledge, and senses, bringing tremendous change with a movement toward balance, harmony, cooperation, and communication with all the kingdoms of the cosmos.

Throughout this month, a flood of compassion energies enters and surrounds Earth in a multitude of dimensions. Rather than energies of pity or rescuing, these are the energies of truly communicated passion for all life and all living beings through full expression with thoughts, words, and deeds — no blame, no finger-pointing, no judgment, and no fear. Where there is fear, let there instead be love or at the least neutrality with no blame and no judgment.