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A Landscape of Change

A Landscape of Change Shadows of Self through Thelma Bodnar

For the little time you have written messages down, there have been many changes on the Earth plane. You have all been told of these great changes for the good and also of the many possibilities still coming your way. We applaud your attention and your ongoing efforts to effect even more change. It is all coming to you.

The magnificence of your being dwells in a new landscape of change that has been many eons in the making. Continuing the course will assure your descendants of a new paradigm in which to focus their love of peace and joy to include men of all ethnicities, all economic states, and all religious affiliations. You are laying the groundwork for all to realize oneness on all levels of development.

Honoring Your Hard Work

The higher realms reach out to you in humble praise for all your hard work. If ever there was a time for a shift, it is now: a shift in experiences; a shift in perceptions; and a shift to honor all men, women, and creatures of Earth as being one with the universe.