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The Importance of Imagination in Alchemy

The Importance of Imagination in Alchemy Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

From the spiritual plane to the Earth plane, I come bringing joyous greetings and infinite blessings of grace and wonder. What a few months you have come through on Earth! While the tense energies of the cardinal grand cross of last April have calmed down, the ramifications of that tension are still playing out. In fact, as we enter October, I notice that some of you have managed to find yourselves in the alchemical fires of transformation. I will offer my congratulations on that move, although some of you may not feel exactly like celebrating as yet.

Humor aside, it is time to acknowledge the power of the transformational inclinations of your higher selves. Interestingly enough, your higher selves are "working overtime," so to speak, to nudge along your spiritual development. Because your planet is now in an initiatory process, a similar process has also been initiated at a personal level. Indeed, this process may feel as if it has a life of its own. While your experiences might prove to be a bit on the intense side for the rest of 2014, you are certainly learning about transmutation from direct experience. So what are you learning?

The Effects of the Transition between Ages

From my perspective, it appears that the planetary process, or the collective human experience, is once again being stimulated — or triggered, some of you might say. In fact, the areas of your personal lives that were jolted with the escalation of Aquarian energies the previous year are again being tweaked. This time, however, the transformation you are undergoing is much deeper.