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Harmonization of Soul Fragmentation

Harmonization of Soul Fragmentation Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

Greetings, beloveds, I am Metatron, Lord of Light. I greet you all in unconditional love!

Masters, your life is a magnificent journey of ever-continuing exploration. Many of you in advanced sojourns have had a series of lifetimes that follow a succinct purpose around the focused study of love and power, concentrating on one at a time. Learning the lesson is the main goal of each succinctly chosen sojourn. Such lifetimes can have drastically different and separate sequences of experience. All on the path of mastery will have devoted specific lifetimes to lessons of love, and others will have lessons around responsible development of strength and the benevolent use of power.

The dawning of the New Earth in 2014 and beyond is the quickening, and with it comes the time of refining the soul, joining together all that has been learned, unifying the fragmental aspects, and releasing the dross. As you reach the more complex stages of your lifetimes, then you blend the two life streams (love and power). This is among the most complex of puzzles and is one of the last pieces required for true mastery. So as you retrieve the soul — and many of you are doing that now — you will blend the two chains of studies into your present experience. This presents a great challenge, for at times, you will come to algorithmic forks in the road along the pathway of enlightenment where you must choose between two directions.