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The Gift of the Sedona Lemurian Landscape Temple

The Gift of the Sedona Lemurian Landscape Temple Thoth and ShaMaya through Jaap van Etten

We all receive, process, and share information in our own unique ways. We also are all connected with beings who help and support in that process. The main being helping me is Thoth, who has been my guide for more than twenty years; at least that is the period in which I have been aware of his presence. From the beginning, he told me that he would not use me as a channel in the traditional sense but that he will be a guide who provides me with information to help me fulfill my purpose in this life. He also mentioned that other beings would come to me during projects or for certain subjects. In the case of the subject of the Sedona Lemurian Landscape Temple (SLLT), it was ShaMaya. She has been willing to channel a lot of information about this unique gift from ancient times that is a big gift for our current times. This information will be presented partly in a descriptive way and partly as channeled information.

How It All Began

Thoth guided me in my studies of the subtle energies of Mother Earth. I went through many phases and many joys and frustrations in the more than twenty years I gathered information on the subtle energies of Mother Earth. While he was always there for me, he often let me go through my processes, seemingly without help. Finally, he found me "ready" and asked me to summarize the information in a book. This book was published as Gifts of Mother Earth.1 The publishing of the book did not end the research. One day Thoth wanted to share with me a shift in focus that was of great importance for this time. That is why he wants me to share it in his words:

You live in a technologically advanced society. That makes many people believe that you are very advanced as a species. However, in many ways, you are not advanced at all. You have lost the connection with the world around you and with the members of your own species. You are willing to kill each other over differences that you consider important. You have lost love for each other and the world around you. However, you also live in a time in which changes are possible beyond your current imagination. The energies of your world are changing on many different levels, creating new opportunities that will help you to understand who you truly are.