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Forged in the Fire: Times of Challenge, Times of Change

Forged in the Fire: Times of Challenge, Times of Change Lady Portia and The Ascended Masters through Star Hinman

The beauty and strength that is within each of you is being tempered and forged anew by the flames of challenge and change, which — even now — enfold and engulf your planet! Earth herself is being forged anew by the great changes that are occurring deep within her core. She is transforming beneath your feet, and in so doing, each of you receives the benefit of this, and you are stimulated to change as well. This is, indeed, a time of great challenge for many — as even your physical bodies feel the effects of all of this and are stimulated to grow in their abilities and change so that you might hold, "out-picture," and be the physical representatives of change on Earth!

Your Star Origins

This is interpreted in your human experience as a huge challenge for many who are dealing with this in ways as innumerable and countless as the stars in the sky. What we can tell you is that there is no one way that is correct for each person — for you, dearest ones, are each as individual as the stars in the sky. For each of you, your pathway to the exploration and expression of the divinity, individuality, and purpose encoded within you is completely unique to who you are now and to your pathway going forward.

It is indeed, for each of you, your return journey to the stars as you uncover the mysteries of creation encoded within you, encoded within the very cells of your physical form as led by the energies that you hold. And for many of you, your very origin is among the stars — within the many systems of worlds existing in the great cosmos of which you are an integral part.