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The End of the Loop of Time

The End of the Loop of Time Isis through Robert Shapiro

This is Isis.


Now, becoming more intense thanks to all of you, is a time that signals that you are returning to the beginning of the loop of time, having completed it. But you are not there yet, because if that were to happen, you would be past any experience that you now know of as dimension. So you are in the outer boundaries of this transformation. As a result, what is happening is that there are influences that are triggering everything within your world that needs to be resolved. It is necessary for this to take place and give you enough time — meaning experience — to confront and resolve these individual issues and then, of course, as you are a society, as they've translated themselves into societal issues. This is part of the reason you are experiencing things that are profoundly associated with phenomena. And if you think you've been experiencing these lately, just wait until next year, and even more so, the year beyond.