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Creation Codes of the Universe

Creation Codes of the Universe Goddess of Mathematics and Science, Sri Roopeshawari through Rae Chandran

Greetings. This is Roopeshawari, goddess of mathematics and science. The universe is made of geometry and numbers. There are mathematical codes and equations for all types of expressions of creation, and if you are able to tap into these codes, then you can begin to fully tap into the secrets of the universe.

The human body is made up of sacred geometry and mathematical codes that correspond to the codes of the universe. You can work with these codes to bring harmony and balance in your life at the quantum level of healing. The numbers and geometry presented here are for bringing balance in different expressions of life. Enjoy the numbers in re-creating yourself anew.

How to Work with the Geometry and the Numbers

Draw the desired code out on a piece of paper, and put it in a place you can see often. The energy from the drawing will send healing and balancing energies into different organs of the body, including the skin, flesh, blood, and bones. For true healing to take place, the energy must reach the bones, for this is the place where the minerals of the body are and where much energy and information is held. Meditating on the geometry with the numbers can also support much healing.