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Can Heaven Be Defined?

Can Heaven Be Defined? Higher Self through Carolyn Gervais

The topic of heaven is becoming a more popular subject in the minds of humankind. As stated in earlier channelings, there will continue for some time to be large groups of people leaving planet Earth together. Why, you might wonder? Many people are leaving so that they can once again merge with the essence aspect of consciousness according to the degree they have evolved as souls.

Leaving Earth

Some will not return to Earth because they are finished with the lessons of Earth and are ready to experience a more refined type of existence than what Earth has to offer at this time. If any of these evolved souls do return to Earth, it will be purely to love and guide those who are in need.

Then there are people who are leaving because they have become stuck in the quagmire of human existence and can't find their way out of the illusions that make up their dream or nightmare of life. This group encompasses the most people on the planet. The people in this category are leaving to regroup, revaluate, and prepare themselves as human souls so as to be ready when they are once again pulled into the spell, you might say, of the dream of human existence and its duality of time.