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Becoming Light Orchestrators: a Peak into the Next Octave

Becoming Light Orchestrators: a Peak into the Next Octave Simion through Amariah Mara

As you approach your transition into the next dimensional reality, the sensitivity to your lightbodies — the strands that connect within the web of light and the sparks of thought that travel between forms — will amplify. When you finally cross over, you will be able to see the dance of light all around you. You will have the capacity to turn on this light vision as needed, giving you a tool of discernment and communication. The frequencies in the next octave allow the energy forms of matter to be seen and felt. In the fourth-dimensional realm, you will be spending time developing your skills and traversing the highways of light. At first, you will evolve in mental prowess, communication, healing, and advancement of unified concepts. Eventually, you will be traveling through space and time.

Building with the Highways of Light

As seventh dimension entities, we are intimately involved with the highways of light that make up the energy signatures, and hence structures, of this universe and others beyond. We are orchestrators of light forms. We are builders with light energy. We have evolved to grow and mold the atomic particles of consciousness that are integral to creation. By infusing and communing with these particles in a symbiotic balance, we encourage consciousness building. In this way, we are assisting in the evolutionary creation process of worlds. Groups of us focus on uplifting particular light structures as needed. We are foundation builders and enhancers of all forms of life within the multiverse. All beings are involved in this process per the level of awareness and frequency control they have obtained.

You will be learning to use the light signatures that we have enhanced to eventually create your own in unison with us and other life forms. All of creation is cooperative in this way. Again, if you cooperate with the energy force of all, then you will flow with creativity. If you fight against the source in disunity, you diminish your abilities as creators. Learning to flow down these paths of interconnection will lead you to many amazing discoveries and abilities. How you use the connections will vary and depend on your inclinations as individuals and groups. You will begin to develop expertise in the fields of light transfer and travel that suit your internal nature. Since your soul will be re-creating itself to match something closer to its true being — and will also likely be joined by aspects of itself that were residing in other bodies — your enhanced insight will be tremendous.