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Awaken the Heart's Love Within

Awaken the Heart's Love Within The Pegasians through Ray Dawn

Hello to you, we are the Pegasians, and we speak to you in kindness. In the kindest of ways, we meet you. We meet you in the heart space, and we ask you to relax there and listen to these words we speak to you.

Yes, we speak of loving kindness — to be in loving kindness with your own "beingship" and to be in a way of forgiveness and honor with this "ship" you are in. To be truly kind to yourself and others, you must allow the occurrences of life; the resonance with everything; and the love of tenderness, appreciation, and loving awareness in the moment to flow through you. This appreciation will grow within you like a beautiful flower as you honor life.

What is your life force and awareness? Do you allow time or moments to appreciate and honor this being that is you? How do you go about doing this?