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Animal Whisperer: Tennessee Walking Horse Taps Tunes

Animal Whisperer: Tennessee Walking Horse Taps Tunes Kim Malonie

Dear Kim,

I have this irritating, ongoing problem with a boarder's horse who is housed in the stall next to my horse. Whenever my horse, Goldie, goes into his stall for the evening or on cold, frigid days, Sparky — the horse next to him who is a Tennessee walking horse — starts banging his front feet on the cement in his stall.

Sparky prances all around and sometimes whinnies; he even does this outside sometimes when the two of them are together in the field or pasture. I think he's a very rude horse with hardly any manners or discipline, to say the least, and he's a bit cocky. I find it highly annoying, and I think my horse thinks so as well, because Goldie runs around, whinnies, and knickers as if he is annoyed with him. My horse is thirty years old and full of arthritis. He is on medication, but sometimes he is in so much pain that he can hardly move around, especially in the cold winter months.

My questions to you are: Is there something mentally wrong with that other horse? Is he in pain, why does he keep acting this way toward my horse, and how can I make this other horse stop his crazy antics? I would like to ask the man to remove him and board him somewhere else so that Sparky will stop bothering my horse. My horse is a thoroughbred blue blood, and we don't need this sort of thing bothering us. I know you can understand how bothersome this is to me.

— Karen L., Oklahoma