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Your Journey Back to the Heart of Divine Love

Your Journey Back to the Heart of Divine Love Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I indeed am Gaia. I am here to serve you, the Creator, and All That Is as we move through this huge planetary transition taking place on Earth.

The Growing Consciousness of Love

Going through massive changes is not easy. As you see in your world, much is transpiring that seems to suggest a regression in consciousness. That is not so. The collective tolerance of force and coercion, which was once allowed as a mainstay of your collective existence, is decreasing as each day passes. As the populace awakens and realizes the God-self within, they sense the emerging seed that sees compassion as the root of existence. As the heart opens, less tolerance exists for the ways of the past that have created division and separation between human beings.

Some believe that evil is increasing in the world and is at the root of the global turmoil taking place on the planet. The root of evil, as it is defined by so many of your religions, is merely the perception of the lack of love behind one' s actions. Yet the exact opposite of evil is happening now as people no longer prefer to stay captive to darkened belief systems. The growing consciousness of love and the value of each person is causing people to say, "This way of doing things is no longer acceptable. We want change. We want a gentler world."

As you know, there are atrocities and skirmishes taking place on Earth, but the collective consciousness is saying, "Enough." As more say "enough," that consciousness increases. This collective movement to higher consciousness is also affecting you on an individual level. Many of you can no longer tolerate things that you accepted only a few years ago. How many of you have made decisions and cut ties with things, ideas, and relationships that kept you prisoners of old beliefs and patterns?