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You Are the light of this New World

You Are the light of this New World Archangel Metatron through Thelma Bodnar

Your choices and your manifestations are on purpose. Yes, you have free will and your soul is always guiding you, as it has guided you to this moment of knowing these words. These very words will penetrate your being and change you. You will become purified spirits of wonder and light.

You Are the Force Who Makes Things Happen

You have been given the opportunity to shine your light for others as you have and are being given the chance to share your insights with others. These words are to be shared with all who will heed the message. Not all of you will impart importance to these words, nor will some of you read to the end. But remember, please, that you are the light of this new world being forged into the present moment. You are the force who makes things happen, who shows up when called on, and who changes as required to masterfully engage others like yourself who have a desire to bring about the manifestations of unity and divine love you are all seeking.

Your heart is filled and fueled by the most Holy Spirit. Your visions are changing as you become more aware of the changes within yourselves. Perhaps you have noticed a diminished desire to acquire worldly possessions. Maybe you are content right where you are with little need for external stimulation. Rarely are you in the mood for dealing with anger, indifference, jealousy, or lack of ambition.