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We Are the Ancients

We Are the Ancients The Ancients through Robert Shapiro

We are the ancient ones.


Thank you. We are not from your universe. We allowed you to see us in light as we were visiting ancient ones who have visited that mountain [Editor' s note: San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff, Arizona]. We knew that you saw us too. A few others saw us as well, because at that time, people were watching the socalled meteor shower, and that is a good time if you wish to be in light. Others might just think we were part of that, eh? So it is a discreet time to appear.

We come from a different universe not associated in any way with your current universe. However, it is associated with several of the beings that have looked after, guided, and advised your creator' s project, of which you are all a part. The biggest problem is creating a completely unbalanced system within a system that is totally balanced without causing any harm or fluctuation to the other. This is not easy, but even once it has been created by your creator, the most difficult part is maintaining the system to not cause any harm. This is the system you find yourself in so that you can be the Explorer Race. That system is allowed to be maintained for as long as it is needed: until you all accomplish what your creator of this universe has desired while the rest of this universe can go on in its benevolent state of affairs.

We Visit to Check the Fabric of Sound

Every now and then, we have stopped by. It is not our job to maintain that balance, but we have come by to check on others who are doing that. Some of the beings who are doing that reside in the mountain that is most famous for your part of the country — the big one, you know? They are sometimes referred to as being associated with, and I can state that they are associated with, the Hopi Tribe. Hopi peoples go way back in time, but I will not comment too much about them since they have jobs to do — for most of these peoples, in their dream time, but for a few, on a regular basis. Still, the beings who are the ones we visited are two primary ones that reside within the mountain, not at the same dimension as you are, of course, so that they are able to be completely safe and secure in their work.