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The Various Intensified Energies in 2013

The Various Intensified Energies in 2013 Three Johns through Nansea Lee

The energies on Earth are shifting and will continue to do so throughout 2013. Some of your unusual weather patterns are a reflection of this. Additionally, intense extraordinary planetary alignments in your solar system have contributed to the intensified energies of tornadoes, hurricanes, flash floods, earthquakes, and human turbulence as seen around the world. Through these experiences, a cleansing is occurring and new energy is being released. Many of you have been feeling these strong energies throughout this year. Unique planetary movements are contributing to the intensified energies that you have been and will continue to feel throughout 2013 and beyond.

Astrological Effects

The planets in your solar system hold specific energy and carry unique themes. Your bodies are comprised of energy, and the planets hold specific energies, so you may be feeling what the planets are emanating at any given time. Sometimes they are dancing in their orbits together and their energy is felt as peaceful and harmonious; other times, they hold a war stance that can create disturbance in your personal lives and on the world stage. The ascension process has many layers and levels, and this is all in the divine plan for Earth and humanity to shift their vibrations.

Certain astrological planetary alignments are playing a big role in what is occurring. There are two planets, specifically Pluto and Uranus, that have been stepping into war positions between themselves. These planets have contributed to the extraordinary amplified energies many of you are feeling in your lives. Pluto is asking humankind and various large institutions and corporations of society to transmute many of their outdated systems. Those you call "whistleblowers" are part of this divine design for bringing attention to that which has been out of integrity and balance. They are creating awareness of what needs to be redesigned and updated. Pluto is considered the planet of transformation.