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The True Purpose of Meditation

The True Purpose of Meditation Archangel Metatron through Jill Harrison

Every day you feed your bodies with food, but how often do you consider feeding the body the right energy from the mind? Confused? It is just as important for wholeness and health to feed the energy of the spirit as it is to put physical food into your mouth. The way to feed the energy of the spirit is through meditation. Many of you already understand the physical health benefits from meditating, but have you ever wondered why your guides and the angelic realm continually ask you to meditate?

Defragmenting Your Mind

Meditation is food for the mind. It connects your mind to your soul to enable you to create inner peace. Entering into silence enables you to ascend stress and negativity. It offers you great insight into why you are experiencing what you are experiencing. It allows you to tap into the spiritual light-energy that nourishes your soul, enabling you to overcome your issues.

Meditation, on a holistic level, is key not only to your material evolution but also to your spiritual evolution. If done correctly, meditation will give you the strength to see and be the truth, despite your conscious mind telling you something else. It will help you to eradicate anger. Through meditating, you access a higher level of guidance called the collective consciousness, which is the eternal life force energy that feeds you.