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Shamanic Wisdom: Opening New Passageways to Divine Order

Shamanic Wisdom: Opening New Passageways to Divine Order Jan Engels-Smith

There is a duality in existence that is an artificial construct that affects us in significant ways. Our immediate consciousness perceives us as human in physical form, and we respond in daily existence in this mode. However, we are first and foremost spirits having a human experience.

We Are First and Foremost Spiritual Beings

Our spiritual nature is capable of carrying us to a higher consciousness in which we may be aware of the perfection of our creation and the flawless qualities of our being. The human form that we associate with our earthly reality is subjected to distortion and alteration by the human conditions of struggle, failure, and pain, but this variance from our truer spiritual nature, while seeming so real, is actually a false image of our better selves. Aligning our human forms with our spiritual reality allows us to recall the perfection of our beginnings and to restore our power to create our better future.

Shamans have long understood the truth of our existence and have created fertility rites, death rites, birth rites, healing practices, and initiation ceremonies that reflect the belief that humans are first and foremost spiritual beings. Our modern culture, absent the influence of these ancient practices, has succumbed to a singular identity with our physical being to the great diminishment of our spiritual side and a corresponding sense of helplessness and hopelessness.