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Mastering Loving Others

Mastering Loving Others The Sage Council through Jonni Gray & Cheryl Rose

We wish to applaud all of you. We see the progress. We see the movement. We see the expansion of love in each and every one of you. We see your heart centers glowing. We see you each moving through your blocks and challenges with greater love and understanding. Now you get to take everything you have learned so far and practice the expansion of love with others in your lives.

You will notice that oftentimes it is easier to be in a loving state when you are alone — when you are meditating; when you have the freedom to choose what you want to do with your energetic field and your time; when you may choose to listen to uplifting audiotape, watch an uplifting film, or read an uplifting book. The only energy you' re managing is your own. To be in your own cocoon of love is absolutely necessary in order to love others to higher levels. That is why, in the lesson of loving yourself, we wish you to integrate and embody what it feels like to really, truly love your incarnated self.

The Lesson of Loving Others

One of the many benefits of being human is that you interact with other humans and life forms on the planet. For those who are disconnected from themselves and do not love themselves, they will find they will have more challenges in being connected to other human beings or other life forms. Your ability to love others is your ability to hold and share love at the same time. To be love in your daily life, moment to moment, and then take loving action with others is the next level of love.