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The Macctrian Plane of Existence

The Macctrian Plane of Existence All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

Your spirit/soul is much more complicated than many of you remember at this point. There are those of you who are coming to more remembrance. And of course this is good, as you understand the term. Yet the vast majority of you still need the assistance of the angels and others to bring about a spiritual thirst for wholeness. And as the mass consciousness of your home, your planet Earth, continues to shoot higher toward us, we will give you more new and exciting information that will revolutionize your life and your thinking process.

In our past two articles in the Sedona Journal, we have given insight into the Theos and Tambrorian planes. We additionally set forth to you the information that many of you have lived on these planes. Billions of you throughout time have traversed these planes and their thresholds, oftentimes back and forth, sent by you to remember certain truths missed, minimized, or just not taken into account during a lifetime.

This article concentrates on and concerns itself with elementary information on yet another plane, the Macctrian. As with all of the information we have given you, it will resonate with so very many of you. And another piece of the puzzle — you, yourselves — will be set into place.