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Listen to Your Inner Voice

Listen to Your Inner Voice Donna Taylor

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a bumpy ride as October looks sure to bring some turbulence. The first week especially is unlikely to be smooth as a new moon in Libra adversely aspected by Uranus and Pluto makes this a time of change and upheaval. The purpose of this new moon is to cast out the old and bring a sense of revolution to those areas of life that need to change, so it may be advisable to look at your own life and see where you need to revolt. Perhaps there' s a situation you' re not prepared to endure anymore, which will require you to either stand up to others or cut yourself free. Maybe there' s an area of your life that has become stagnant and needs to change, or maybe there' s a relationship in which the power base needs to be dismantled so that a fairer and more equal dynamic can be put in place.

A Volatile First Week

Many people, it seems, are trying to do too much, forever feeling like they' re chasing their tails and about to snap. We could maybe all do with looking at the way we run our lives to see if there' s any way in which we can create more space. Could we work a little bit less? Could we delegate a bit more and allow other people to help? Do we really need the amount of money we think we do, which requires us to run ourselves into the ground? Are we following our hearts or living a life that feels increasingly unsatisfying? The new moon on October 5 will ensure that we have to face up to any structures and relationships in our lives that are no longer working for us.

For the past two years, Uranus (in Aries) has been squaring up to Pluto (in Capricorn), periodically causing major shifts in the world — from riots, rebellions, conflicts, and uprisings to dramatic changes in our own lives. Although it feels chaotic and exhausting at times, there is method in the madness, because these two planets are seeking to destroy the old power bases that have been oppressing individual freedoms for too long. If you can see this in your own life looking back over the past two years, then this month' s new moon offers you a fresh new beginning. If you' ve already been doing some dismantling and if you' re feeling the need to change things, the new moon will be a great assistance in helping you to release that which is no longer appropriate. Since this is a rebellious new moon, it will also help those who need the strength and courage to stand up to those who for too long have had the balance of power. The tide is beginning to turn now, so if you have felt in any way oppressed — whether in your job or in your relationships — then this is a great time to assert yourself and break free from codependency and lack of freedom.