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Let' s Talk About Reincarnation

Let' s Talk About Reincarnation Papa Juan through Beatriz Jimpson

For those of us who have been reincarnating for millennia, what is happening to us during this era of shifting and changing energies?

Many of you have an understanding of reincarnation. Some of you believe in the possibility, and others do not. Many of your religious groups deny the possibility of reincarnation due to the challenge it presents to the beliefs encapsulated in their doctrines and dogmas. For many religious groups, the belief and understanding of reincarnation is fearful and is equated to what they believe to be strange teachings from the Eastern parts of your world.

Those hearing and reading this are mostly not in that group, although we sense many who are still struggling with the belief systems taught to them in their childhood. This may be a surprise, but it really does not matter what humans believe or do not believe. There is no need to convince others of the validity of any particular belief system. The belief in a doctrine or ideal does not affect the salvation of any species, per se. What it does affect is the attitude and consequential action of a species. You are fully aware of this as you review your history and view the devastating effects on cultures and families due to these belief systems.

We are not here to review this today, but just to make you aware that you need not accept the standard reaction to a belief system. What is important is what is in your heart. Fear is not necessary! Remember the heart center we have taught you about? This is the location where peace and love abide. Here there is no need for defense, conflict, or debate and no space for fear.