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It Is Time: The Collective Heartbeat of Humanity

It Is Time: The Collective Heartbeat of Humanity Adama through Kata

Greetings to the masters. The shift you as a planet are walking through is huge — the biggest ever, the biggest that humans are allowed to witness in this physical embodiment. The whole planet will find its place in a higher level of dimensional reality. All that happens to your beloved Earth happens to the entire universe. These are huge words, yes indeed, but it is still the truth, and it was hidden for thousands of years from your human eyes, also known as consciousness.

Don' t Force It

Now the rising vibration in and around us entitles you to perceive a greater spectrum of reality. You will be surprised how every earthly happening has a major significance in the course of your human history. Yes, indeed, it is important; it is the peak of this entire transformation period — the period that humanity has been preparing for. And here you are, in your human embodiment. You are the chosen ones to witness it all.

I know it is challenging. All your old well-trusted patterns of thinking and acting belong to the past. The birth of a new paradigm is challenging in every way, but soon a magnificent scenario will replace the turbulent times with the arriving new perception of all.