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It' s Time to Stop Blaming Your Mythical God

It' s Time to Stop Blaming Your Mythical God Higher Self through Carolyn Gervais

The spiritually astute and the nonastute are what make up the many diverse relationships that most people cannot avoid interaction with, unless they live in a cave. Astute here means being aware on the many levels of the soul and mind that produce thought and evoke wisdom. Wisdom, though, cannot be evoked without discernment and contemplation.

The kind of wisdom gained from one' s discernment and contemplation is dependent on how unbiased beliefs and views are. The more unbiased personal views and beliefs are, the more compassionate and open the human heart is, which in turn determines how aware a person is on the soul level. This takes self-honesty and a real desire to understand all the evil that prejudice, fear, and anger create. That is what astuteness is: the ability to see beyond what does not enhance or nurture life.

The World Is a Battlefield between New and Old Energies

Human existence is at war on the many levels of the psyche — in other words, with itself — because everything you see and experience with your five senses is really a distortion of what is truly there. Why? The five senses are controlled by people' s programming, including their experiences and personal beliefs that can hide everything that does not substantiate their ideal identity of self, which includes anything or anyone that triggers personal feelings, beliefs, and fears. Wisdom comes from the soul aspect or higher self that makes up the context of life. When the context of life is tapped into, it gradually enhances and broadens the content of life and enriches everything.