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Guiding Well Timeship Earth

Guiding Well Timeship Earth Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, with sincere fondness, I offer you all blessed greetings as we join in focus for the month of October. May you all be filled with peace and wonder as Earth enters the final quarter of 2013. For many of you, the preceding months seem to have flown by with greater rapidity than usual. You might want to stop for a moment and consider the lessons you are learning about relationships. How is the integration of your internal masculine and feminine energies progressing, and what are you learning about this balancing process?

While you may not have been specifically aware of it, during the past nine months, the Divine Feminine has been quietly engaged in planting herself within the creative centers of individual humans. She has extended the remarkable invitation to "conceive" her, gestating in the heart-womb of those who love her. Even if you were unaware of having become pregnant with her essence, it is not too late to celebrate the blessed event.

In the remaining three months of this year, many of you will likely give birth to her as a living, moving, creating presence in your life. Granted, this remarkable phenomenon may be somewhat tricky to observe initially, since her neonatal manifestations will likely appear quite differently person-toperson, situation-to-situation. Yet something quite remarkable is happening, and you may be the ones to first note that a new presence is among Earth' s beings, reaching out to all in love, wisdom, compassion, and joy.