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Finding the Whole Truth

Finding the Whole Truth Rhonda Smith

October 2013 (25/7)

It is time to begin preparing the seeds that you will harvest in 2014, the year of blending all of yourself, spiritual and physical, and manifesting that. So the seeds you choose should represent your uniqueness as an individual expression of All That Is while understanding that it is through creative cooperation, not constant conflict, that we all move forward. Understand that the physical, left-brain knowledge is equal to your intuitive, rightbrain knowledge. To bring yourself to the point of being the new human who builds the New World, you ought to honor all parts of yourself. Your goal is to crusade for your part of the whole truth and use all of yourself to find it.

October 1 to October 5, 2013 (140/14/5)

You begin your crystallization of what you wish to create next year on your move to an enlightened society with the energies of regeneration through your God-Source energy within. This vibration has a karmic push behind it, so it may have an underlying intensity to accept new, original ideas and innovative concepts that will require change within to create change in your outer plane. Remember that the key word here is "temperance," so do all things in moderation, including moderation.

Examine events that arise and make sure they are not showing you old structures — that is, beliefs — that require changing to move forward to help humankind overcome misperceptions. It' s time to balance the forces that remove the old and bring in the new on the material plane. Since there is karmic involvement in this, it will push you until you address the issue. Your goal is to use these energies to regenerate your own matrix into a new matrix that is flexible, powerful, and "stretchy" enough to accommodate growth.