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Expanding Your Pathways to Enlightenment

Expanding Your Pathways to Enlightenment Solaris through Abby Isadora Haydon

Greetings of joy and well-being come with us as we speak to you. We are a group that has been called Solaris. We travel many galaxies where there is a great infusion of light energy. Since there is a great deal of amplified light energy surrounding your planet right now, it is possible for us to be in this frequency and even communicate with you.

Changes to Your Body Clock

Our realm of expertise is working with the refinement of manifested physical matter. In other words, we are interested in — or you could say focused on — the enhancement of your vehicle of perception, your physical form. We will be communicating information that will help you to understand the physical changes that are becoming noticeable slowly within humans upon this world.

One of the first types of physical changes that is beginning to occur is the change in what you have termed your "body clock." We use these terms to confer the concept that your synchronization to the cycles of day and night will change. You will no longer be trapped within the cyclic structure that the motions of your Sun, Moon, and other planets have created in your bodies.