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Enjoy a New Understanding of How to Heal Yourself

Enjoy a New Understanding of How to Heal Yourself Force through Arthur Fanning

Within the interior portion of yourself, what are your questions?

You said last time that this new energy would enable us to instantaneously heal ourselves. How do we do that?

I will teach you. [The channel hands the questioner a small white-grey feather.] The feather: Hold it here in front of you. Just let the energy of the fibers of the feather come to you, come to you. The magic and the knowledge of the feathers — the gentle energies — are what are used by divinity to fly the bird. It floats. Divinity in the air is everywhere and everywhen, and it flies the bird. It communicates in the wings, in the feathers primarily.

So if the healing calls you, in the path of you, and studies you, then that lesson of yours is what would be done: proprietary knowledge unto the individual entity. The body is held here by what is termed wisdom. You say "gravity," but it' s a push, not the pull, and the push is the necessary force to be recognized in the request for the healing process to be understood within the self.