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Earth Changes and You: The Intimate Connection

Earth Changes and You: The Intimate Connection The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light through Star Hinman

We are with you once again to bring you knowledge as we may. We are the ones you know as the Pleiadians, and we come to you with such love and appreciation for all you are doing on Earth at the present time. It is our joy to support you on the deepest levels of who you are and through these current trials you are experiencing. You are going through so many doorways and dimensions of time, energy, and all of this that you truly do not have recognition of what is going on on Earth at this time. That is why we have come forward to speak with you — to bring what perspective and information we may.

This is a time when Earth is being influenced by many offplanet energies and many cosmic realities. At the present time, you have no concept or recognition of any of these energies or the sources from which they emanate. This is why we wish to be with you: to straighten out some of this confusion about what is going on on Earth at this time.

Let Go of the Familiar

Earth is passing through dimensional doorways, and you have these time markers that have been spoken of that are encoded in your genetics, so your bodies recognize all too well what is happening at the present time. But your minds have not gotten the message yet because this situation has created this disparity between your bodies and your minds so that your minds are intent on continuing your daily routines when all within your bodies is being changed from the genetic levels of who you are.