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A Difficult Year of Resolving Imbalances

A Difficult Year of Resolving Imbalances Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

A Brief History of My Partner' s Channeling

In this moment, in this room, it would appear that there is a switch or a change in energy. Those who sit and listen may not be aware of the profundity of what has happened to my partner, corporally, in order to channel. In this moment, all of the cells in his body recognize the state he is in, and they have suspended all unnecessary corporeal processes. They have suspended the aging process, digestion, and even pain. They have suspended all of these things so that they can be listening and ready for the energy of the pineal gland. It is opening with as few filters as possible, and this will allow the voice that they know is in them to come through. The voice is the one from Home. That' s what happening.

There is a cooperative energy here and it' s new. If you talked to some who would go into a trance back then in the older energy, they would tell you it was an exhausting experience when they came out of it. They might say, "This has sapped me of energy! I' m tired." However, when my partner is finished with this channeling, he might dance — if he knew how! Indeed, the energy is great and grand, and he is not tired at the end.

This is because in the few moments that he is in this altered multidimensional state, he is infused not just with information but with life force. He' s in a state that most Human Beings do not allow themselves to be in. It' s a state that is completely and totally open to the energy of the God part of the Human Being. In this state, there' s healing and an allowance of change. So I' m giving you information that is far more personal than just messages from the other side of the veil. It talks to the God part of you! It' s interactive.